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Who We Are

1. a group of people living in the same place or having a particular characteristic in common.
2. a feeling of fellowship with others, as a result of sharing common attitudes, interests, and goals.

That’s how Merriam-Webster defines community.

At Corporate Insurance Advisors, we define community as a gathering of ordinary people working together to accomplish extraordinary things. We believe we’re all a part of something bigger than ourselves, wherever we work, live or play. We take our place in our community seriously, and we genuinely care about the welfare of those who work, live and play in the same places we do. When you engage in helping people on a personal basis, it transforms the way you approach business. It becomes personal in a very good way, and suddenly it’s about more than doing a job. It’s about meeting a need.

That’s why Corporate Insurance Advisors work with so many organizations that share our passion for positively impacting the lives of our neighbors (and everybody is a neighbor) by being there when it matters most. We quickly discovered that there’s always a need…and helping to fill those needs is what you do when you’re part of a community. Visit us on Facebook to see how we’re joining our community to feed the hungry, fight breast cancer and make a difference where we live.


Professionals Serving Professionals

The Intersection of Experience and Innovation

Some traditions are worth keeping, but ‘we’ve always done it this way’ should never be used as an argument against innovation. Corporate Insurance Advisors believes that the true value of any product or process lies in its ability to meet a need…and evolve as the need changes.

At Corporate Insurance Advisors, we’re always pursuing improvement. We watch trends in our industry as well as those of the industries we serve. New technologies and product developments are regular occurrences and we’re dedicated to conducting our due diligence. When we discover a better method, we put it to use. Years of experience have given us the professional discernment necessary to dismiss passing fads in favor of solid solutions. Corporate Insurance Advisors is where experience and innovation work together beautifully.



Following isn’t in our DNA

Corporate Insurance Advisors has never been comfortable conforming. We already know the typical answers and standard solutions, and they’re useful tools in our professional arsenal…but not the only tools. Our position of leadership came about through our willingness to go further and look beyond traditional answers to provide the risk management and asset protection required by middle market commercial clients and individuals with high net worth. We became a leader in specialized asset protection out of necessity. We retain our leadership position by delivering exceptional protection and exemplary service without exception.

Applying Proactive Client Advocacy

We listen to learn.

A true professional provides research and examination before recommendations. Corporate Insurance Advisors takes a very similar view when it comes to addressing your asset protection and risk reduction needs. Your business is more than brick and mortar, more than a website. There’s a culture, a corporate personality that exists and evolves. The variables that make your business unique must be understood when designing an asset protection solution.

Knowing your business culture enables us to be an advocate for you should an insurance carrier question a claim. Intentional listening enables our professionals to become proactive advocates that anticipate needs. An intimate understanding of your business and personal financial goals allows our knowledgeable team to offer alternatives and options that meet you where you are. We provide innovative solutions that remove or mitigate selected risk exposures through the implementation of effective solutions. By Listening, we become a powerful and trusted advisor.

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The only thing we love more than hearing what our clients are saying about us is sharing what they’re saying about us. Here are a few examples:

  • There is absolutely no agency which we have found that is better equipped to handle all of our insurance needs. Our needs range from commercial policies to health insurance and CIA has consistently surpassed our expectations. We can say, with utmost confidence, that our account is in the best hands ...


    Commercial Law

  • "It is our pleasure to recommend our agent and his firm, Corporate Insurance Advisors "CIA", as a potential Insurance Broker for your firm. We believe you will find him and CIA to be well qualified to assist with any insurance needs your firm may have."


    Commercial Law

  • "As the years have come and gone, CIA has always found an insurance company who would treat us fairly upon renewal. We know when we have a claim, a contract to be reviewed, coverage questions or any other concern, Corporate Insurance Advisors is there for any issues that arises. We ...



  • "I have had the pleasure of working with our advisor and CIA for the past several years. I had a great relationship with my agent at the time, and was initially resistant to talking to another broker, but she came very highly recommended. She explained that there were programs and ...



  • "My agent is extremely competent, knowledgeable, available, and engaged. While negotiating insurance terms and coverage for a project, she worked with my staff and her underwriters for dozens of hours over a period of four months, offering alternatives and options that worked for both us and our client. My agent ...


    Real Estate Development

  • "Our agent's research and determination found us policies that saved a tremendous amount of money while making sure revenue went up. She is an amazing advocate, and we are so appreciative of her efforts on our behalf."


    Steel Fabrication

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