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Plan to Succeed with Corporate Insurance Advisors Client Services

Discovery is arguably the most important step in implementing a solid risk management and asset protection program. Corporate Insurance Advisors digs deeper, uncovering the not-so-obvious risks that cripple companies. Our in-depth approach allows us to realistically determine the immediate effects of a suffered loss as well as the long-term results. This enables our team to develop and implement plans that reduce the risks that exist, transfer risk when possible, mitigate and reduce loss exposure and protect what matters to you.

Comprehensive Program Audit and Assessment

  • The first step in discovery, this provides an intimate view of your business and establishes the foundation upon which we build customized solutions. Understanding your corporate identity, business practices and current asset protection and risk management strategies is paramount in creating the best plan for you.

Insurance Placements-negotiations of terms & conditions

  • Assuming anything when it comes to protecting your business can actually become an additional risk. Negotiating important policy terms and conditions can provide clarity for both the insured and the insurer. Corporate Insurance Advisors can assist with reducing vagueness or uncertainty as a result of obtuse contract language and ensure your interests are protected with confidence.

Contract Review (address exposures relating to contractual liability and appropriate transfer of risk)

  • Any contractual agreement carries the possibility of transferring more than products and services. Our professionals strive to ensure you’re protected against possible liability you may inherit with a new contractual agreement and allows us to take a proactive approach towards protecting you and your company.

Predictive Analytics including Loss Trending, Forecasting and Catastrophic Loss Modeling

  • While no one can see tomorrow, we can catch a fairly accurate glimpse of the future. Based on existing historical data, measurable performance patterns and traditional market trends, Corporate Insurance Advisors can forecast future probabilities, allowing us to identify and address potential risks, as well as important opportunities that lie ahead. Be prepared when the ‘what-if’ scenarios become reality and maximize possible growth opportunities.

Analysis of Insurance Cost Drivers

  • From regulatory changes to outdated company practices, the determining factors surrounding insurance costs may seem like a mystery, but they’re not…when you know what to look for. Understanding how to identify insurance cost drivers allows us to implement changes that manage those costs.

Client Management Services in accordance with Best Practices

  • At Corporate Insurance Advisors, our management services aren’t based on corporate tradition. In other words, “that’s the way we’ve always done it” doesn’t apply. We carefully scrutinize each division’s practice to determine overall effectiveness in producing desired outcomes, cost effectiveness and client satisfaction. We believe best practices must be proven, not assumed, and our client management services reflect this attitude

The only thing we love more than hearing what our clients are saying about us is sharing what they’re saying about us. Here are a few examples:

  • There is absolutely no agency which we have found that is better equipped to handle all of our insurance needs. Our needs range from commercial policies to health insurance and CIA has consistently surpassed our expectations. We can say, with utmost confidence, that our account is in the best hands ...


    Commercial Law

  • "It is our pleasure to recommend our agent and his firm, Corporate Insurance Advisors "CIA", as a potential Insurance Broker for your firm. We believe you will find him and CIA to be well qualified to assist with any insurance needs your firm may have."


    Commercial Law

  • "As the years have come and gone, CIA has always found an insurance company who would treat us fairly upon renewal. We know when we have a claim, a contract to be reviewed, coverage questions or any other concern, Corporate Insurance Advisors is there for any issues that arises. We ...



  • "I have had the pleasure of working with our advisor and CIA for the past several years. I had a great relationship with my agent at the time, and was initially resistant to talking to another broker, but she came very highly recommended. She explained that there were programs and ...



  • "My agent is extremely competent, knowledgeable, available, and engaged. While negotiating insurance terms and coverage for a project, she worked with my staff and her underwriters for dozens of hours over a period of four months, offering alternatives and options that worked for both us and our client. My agent ...


    Real Estate Development

  • "Our agent's research and determination found us policies that saved a tremendous amount of money while making sure revenue went up. She is an amazing advocate, and we are so appreciative of her efforts on our behalf."


    Steel Fabrication

Risking your Company’s Assets? Consider a Risk Management Review & Evaluation