Financial & Estate Planning

Success doesn’t occur by accident: it comes through careful planning and meticulous execution. It took years of hard work to get where you are today. Because of your achievements, you’ve earned a financially secure future for you and your loved ones. Perhaps you have provided opportunities for others to plan and build their dreams.

It was your planning that got you here…and it should be your planning that keeps you here.

Careful financial and estate planning ensures that you and your heirs keep what you’ve built without worrying about unwanted intervention by government entities or burdensome tax liabilities. Family-built businesses stay in the family because of proactive estate planning.

It starts with your initial consultation with Corporate Insurance Advisors. We’ll ask questions, answer yours, talk about your goals and work with you to develop a solid plan designed with your financial goals in mind.

Estate Planning: Your hopes, your dreams, your legacy

It’s about more than money – it’s about the way you want things to happen once you’re gone. From using your assets to create a bright future for your heirs to contributing to a cause that captures your heart, estate planning gives you a voice and a choice as to how you shape your legacy. Corporate Investment Advisors can make sure your dreams continue to come true.

A smart and thoughtful estate plan includes several components, each playing a significant role in determining how your estate is handled.

These components can include:

  • Will

Establishes a directive on how you want your property distributed among your survivors, who handles your estate and who will be responsible for any minor children

  • Trust

Keeps your assets for someone you designate

  • Life Insurance

Delivers cash to your beneficiary when you die

  • Gifts

Transfers of property made during your life to family members, friends or charitable organizations

Making Your Money Work for You

Smart Investment Options

Corporate Insurance Advisors offers a comprehensive portfolio of investment options designed to meet you where you are…and where you want to be. Our skilled insurance and risk management professionals are leaders in conducting due diligence and in asking the necessary questions in order to develop a customized plan for today while securing a lifetime of tomorrows.

Investment options include:

  • IRAs

An excellent tool for 401(k) and/or 401(b) rollovers that provide tax-deferred growth opportunities

  • Mutual Funds

A diversified, cost-effective money management investment tool

  • Bonds

Diversify your investment portfolio and establish a predictable income stream

  • Managed Accounts

Let investment professionals select, manage and monitor investments that focus on your goals and needs. You choose how active you want to be…or delegate it entirely to investment professionals

  • Structured Products

These bundled investments can protect your principal assets with market exposure, but may offer minimal to no protection against market performance

  • Insurance Products

There are a variety of life insurance products that can protect you from financial loss, and your Corporate Insurance Advisors Representative can explain them all

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Estate Planning: Protecting your loved ones & reducing estate taxes