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Prevention, Advocacy and Protection

Risk Management* Services by Corporate Insurance Advisors

As business and technology has evolved, so has the practice of risk management*. It’s much more than implementing a few safety procedures. At Corporate Insurance Advisors, our approach to managing risk goes deeper than traditional loss control, encompassing support and ongoing oversight that includes claims advocacy. We’re there to help you reduce the likelihood of a loss. If a loss occurs, we work with you and the appropriate insurance representatives to improve and maximize the outcome. Prevention, advocacy and protection: that’s Corporate Insurance Advisors three-fold approach to risk management.*

* Risk management requires a separate written contractual agreement.

Loss Control

More than an ounce of prevention

Simply defined, loss control is a three-pronged process. The first step is analyzing the practices and procedures of a business in order to identify potential liability risk. The second step is the creation and implementation of tailored plans that are designed to mitigate identified risks. The third and final step is an ongoing process of measuring results to ensure the loss control procedures are doing exactly what they were designed to do: reduce and/or eliminate liability exposures and the resulting losses and claims.

Anything that eliminates the need for a company to file a claim is good for business: both yours and ours. Corporate Insurance Advisors works with you to implement an effective and efficient loss control plan. Loss control lowers the number of claims filed, saving time, money, reducing stress and frustrations. This maximizes productivity and also results in lower premiums. When a practice results in mutual benefits, everybody wins…and everybody tries harder.

Claims Advocacy

Protecting your interests

What happens when your insurance provider chooses to deny your claim…or decides to offer a settlement that is far less than you expect? It can become a nightmare full of angry phone calls, lengthy emails and complete frustration. If you’re a Corporate Insurance Advisors’ client, we do the heavy lifting for you. We act as your advocate, working on your behalf to ensure that you receive an equitable and timely settlement. Our job is making sure you’re protected.

The only thing we love more than hearing what our clients are saying about us is sharing what they’re saying about us. Here are a few examples:

  • There is absolutely no agency which we have found that is better equipped to handle all of our insurance needs. Our needs range from commercial policies to health insurance and CIA has consistently surpassed our expectations. We can say, with utmost confidence, that our account is in the best hands ...


    Commercial Law

  • "It is our pleasure to recommend our agent and his firm, Corporate Insurance Advisors "CIA", as a potential Insurance Broker for your firm. We believe you will find him and CIA to be well qualified to assist with any insurance needs your firm may have."


    Commercial Law

  • "As the years have come and gone, CIA has always found an insurance company who would treat us fairly upon renewal. We know when we have a claim, a contract to be reviewed, coverage questions or any other concern, Corporate Insurance Advisors is there for any issues that arises. We ...



  • "I have had the pleasure of working with our advisor and CIA for the past several years. I had a great relationship with my agent at the time, and was initially resistant to talking to another broker, but she came very highly recommended. She explained that there were programs and ...



  • "My agent is extremely competent, knowledgeable, available, and engaged. While negotiating insurance terms and coverage for a project, she worked with my staff and her underwriters for dozens of hours over a period of four months, offering alternatives and options that worked for both us and our client. My agent ...


    Real Estate Development

  • "Our agent's research and determination found us policies that saved a tremendous amount of money while making sure revenue went up. She is an amazing advocate, and we are so appreciative of her efforts on our behalf."


    Steel Fabrication

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