Unique & Creative Solutions that are focused on Controlling Total Cost of Risk for Businesses and Private Clients

Tailored Solutions Designed with Your Life in Mind

An unlimited variety of assets, personal belongings and property, as well as the unique risks associated with upper income lifestyles requires tailored risk management solutions and individualized asset protection. A standard blanket approach cannot provide the protection necessary to deliver true security and peace of mind.

Corporate Insurance Advisors specializes in delivering innovative risk management and asset protection solutions that address the unique needs of high net worth individuals and businesses. We’ve created a network of professionals who understand that diverse needs require a more substantial investment of time and attention in order to provide uncompromising risk management and asset protection solutions.

Our Approach

By focusing on establishing an individual risk profile, Corporate Insurance Advisors makes risk management and asset protection a personal endeavor. Our approach places the focus on each client as an individual. We develop a protection plan that is truly designed for you and your family: a program that fits. Utilizing a vastly diverse network of insurance carriers, we deliver coverage for every risk and asset, anticipating liabilities based on the way you live your life and providing real-world solutions with a personal approach you’ll appreciate.


Our focus is on you. How you live, what you own, where you go and the activities you enjoy: they all become a part of your individual risk profile. Understanding your lifestyle enables Corporate Insurance Advisors to customize a plan that provides total risk management and asset protection for every aspect of your life. You travel, so your coverage travels with you, affording you the same superior level of protection regardless of location.

Consultative, Collaborative & Team Oriented

With Corporate Insurance Advisors, you get a diverse team of experienced professionals who work together for your benefit. Acting as consultants, our process is designed to foster collaboration between you and our team. We work with you to create a strategy that addresses immediate needs while delivering a long-term strategic plan.Once we’ve developed a comprehensive personal risk profile, our team utilizes a think tank platform to develop a customized plan that incorporates your desires and focuses on controlling total cost of risk that drive financial impact.

Going Beyond the Basics

Our innovative, non-traditional alternatives are client-specific, enabling us to provide personalized plans that address individual needs. It’s a boutique approach that is proven effective in avoiding coverage gaps and creating an all-encompassing blanket of asset protection that simply cannot be achieved by traditional means. Each solution is crafted to fit each client perfectly. This focused approach helps us avoid coverage lapses, ‘surprise’ exclusions and other issues that can lead to insufficient protection.

Are You Protecting Your Most Valuable Assets?